What's in your weed?
FREE WEBINAR: What does lab testing really tell us?
Join this webinar for an overview of Cannabis testing, potency, consistency, sample prep, Proficiency Testing, uniform lab standards, and different state testing requirements.

How can two labs test the same product and produce wildly different results? What types of tests are being done (and not done)? Lab closures and product recalls over the past year have shined some light on the shortcomings of some cannabis lab testing, but the lack of consistent standards is one of the many challenges facing the marijuana industry. In the absence of Federal guidance, are individual states even capable of regulating the industry?  Does the industry need more regulation or more testing, or better tests? Join Marijuana Media's FREE WEBINAR  that takes a look at questions that we, as patients and  consumers, should be asking about lab results. Please register to attend.

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